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Cast Tooling

Advantages of Cast Tooling

 There are advantages to cast tooling vs. other traditional methods of producing tools (machining from solid blocks of wrought or forged materials). Castings reduce the amount of machining required and also reduce the amount of material required to produce the tool. Castings can produce intricate surfaces, which are difficult to machine. Cast alloys have a different grain structure than wrought material. This can be advantageous if heat exposure is involved. Castings allow the production of various shapes from non-machinable alloys.

Cast Tooling at Duplicast

We welcome any quantities from 1 piece to hundreds, and weights from ounces to approximately 800 pounds. Duplicast is a “jobbing” foundry. We can meet tight delivery schedules. We are flexible if changes in design or delivery are required. We are able to tailor our alloy chemistries to meet specific needs. We handle a wide range of alloys including cobalt and iron based alloys.
Large Casting
Finished Casting
Finished Product
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